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Are you able to travel for events?

Yes! I will happily travel around the UK to perform for you. For venues that are less than 15 miles away from my home, I do not charge any mileage, but for venues any further I do ask for my travel to be covered. 

Do you provide your own equipment?

I provide all my own equipment so you will not need to hire out a thing! I have two JBL EON ONE Compact All-In-One PA systems that can be mounted onto stands to create the fullest sound for the performance. I have my own mic and stand with all the cables needed. I will just need a power source.

What packages do you provide?

I provide lots of different packages depending on the event of choice. I can provide you with all of the information you need including all of the different options available. Just get in contact and I can give you the run down!

What music/backing tracks do you sing with?

The quality of all of my instrumentals are exceptional as I source them individually to make sure the backing is exactly the right feel, tempo and texture. This also allows me to make changes to backing tracks if you wish to request an alternate version. I am more than able to play around and make a soundtrack work for you. 

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