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Tilly Lukeman Vocals offers entertainment for every occasion you could possibly think of, so definitely get in touch if you are interested in live vocals at your upcoming event!

From £250*

*Events are tailored to your needs so please get in contact for a detailed quote



Whether you are celebrating a milestone birthday or are having more of a casual gathering, I will perform a 1-2 hour set full of music that complements the vibe of your birthday bash!



Mark your anniversary with an enchanting with a 1-2 hour performance, designed to fill the room with love and joy as you celebrate your journey through life together.

Baby Shower

Baby Showers

Celebrate new beginnings with heartfelt tunes that will captivate the love and anticipation as you welcome your little one into the world. This is a 1-2 hour set.

Engagement Celebrations

Engagement Celebrations

Let Tilly Lukeman Vocals bring everyone together as you toast to the beginning of a lifetime together. With a mix of romantic classics to modern favourites, the 1-2 hour set will ensure your engagement party is full of pure happiness and laughter.

Hen Do

Hen Parties

No matter if you want a more laid-back girly evening or intend on going all out with the biggest party anthems to belt out karaoke style, I've got you covered. You can enjoy a 1-2 hour set filled with dancey sing-alongs or calming background ballads - or why not a mixture of both!



From gentle hymns and lullabies to joyful melodies, let Tilly Lukeman Vocals create a relaxed, serene atmosphere of love and hope whilst your guests mingle away. The 1-2 hour set honours the significance of the occasion and allows your guests to be entertained throughout.

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