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Wedding Singer

First of all, congratulations on your fantastic news! You must be so excited.

I am an experienced Wedding Singer and I offer lots of different options for your Wedding Day. If there isn't a package that suits you, I am more than happy to discuss your desires and we can work together to get everything just right for your special day.


It can get a little overwhelming having so much to plan, but don't worry I will support you and make the entertainment organising stress-free.

Tilly Lukeman Vocals Shot

Wedding Singles


This will include a 20-minute set for your guests to enter to, full of  the songs that are close to your heart. You will then decide what sentimental song you wish to be walked down the aisle to as well as another set whilst the register is being signed. Even when exiting the venue, I will sing you and your guests out.


Wedding Breakfast

The Wedding Breakfast is full of catching up and reminiscing which lends itself extremely well to some live professional vocals. This set usually lasts around 1.5 - 2 hours to fill the entirety of your dining experience. 

From £300

Aisle Song

This short but sweet offer simply covers the highlight of your special day. Having your aisle song sung live makes this once-in-a-lifetime moment even more personal for couples and will truly touch the loved ones around you. 


Evening Guest Entry*

To give your evening guests a little treat as they enter, why not have some live vocals to get them excited for the night ahead! This option is a 1 hour set full of your favourite ballads, but also uplifting tunes or even a few party anthems to switch up the vibe.

*Option to add your First Dance for an additional £50


Drinks Reception

The Drinks Reception is usually around 1-2 hours and is a significant part of your day. Whilst the photos are being done, I enhance the atmosphere for your guests by singing some elegant classics along with some acoustic covers. This is such a wholesome part of your day and this extra touch of sophistication and elegance just takes it to the next level.

From £250

First Dance

This is one of the most emotional parts of your Wedding Day. I will sing your chosen song for you as you dance with the love of your life, making it an even more meaningful moment for you both.


Wedding Packages


Signature Sparkle

This package is perfect for couples who are looking for that final touch of perfection to add to their special day. This package includes live vocals as your guests enter and exit your Ceremony. My favourite part also covered in this package is a live rendition of your chosen aisle song - this is the moment so many of us ladies dream about so it has to be magical!

I will enhance the atmosphere as the register is being signed. You will then have 1-2 hours of music during your Drinks Reception.

From £400


Golden Glimmer

This package tends to be the most popular choice among the three as it combines the 'Signature Sparkle' package in its entirety along with an additional 1.5 - 2 hour Wedding Breakfast performance. Whether you want a romantic, serene atmosphere or more of a fun, playful vibe, your set can be personalised to your wishes. This package gives that extra layer of elegance and charm to the day you will cherish forever.

From £550


Diamond Dreams

This is the real deal. 'Diamond Dreams' includes everything in the 'Golden Glimmer' package but also ensures your evening guests are entertained from the get go! I will perform for 1 hour as your evening guests arrive and get themselves settled in. If you are looking to ensure the whole day runs smoothly and all transitions are seamless, this package is for you.

You also have the option to have your first dance included within this package. 


From £700

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